Imagine a land where you can find from an ancient city with thousands of years of history, which speaks for itself with incomparable places that would never be found anywhere else in the world; to a modern city with the longest port in Israel. That´s why on This Earth each place has its part to tell, as well as experiences to offer in order to live them again and again. The evidence of its eternity and truthfulness abounds in every ruin and archeological center for being a country that provides experiences impossible to explain with words, because you´ve got to live them. To step on the ground, to walk through its streets, to enjoy traveling the path where several kings won powerful battles, to stand under the same sun that was stopped once until victory over the enemies has gotten is an indescribable experience. Israel is the Land where milk and honey flows, an arid land that depends on the sky and its dew to give great fruits, leafy, beautiful and holy.


Visiting the Mount of the Olives is very attractive for tourists, because it´s known as the prayer site of the Eternal God´s son. Climbing the hill you can walk through the Getzemaní, the place where the Messiah prayed before being arrested and crucified; and it is also described in the Bible as the mountain where he ascended to heaven after his resurrection. In addition to this, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Jerusalem and observe the North Gate described by Ezekiel. Then, at the foot of the mountain is one of the oldest cemeteries in Israel that tells the story of important icons of the nation.


Undoubtedly, the Western Wall is one of the most important icons in Israel that you should visit on your trip. It is a sanctified site, since it is the only survived part of the temple from the destruction of the Romans and it is the reminder of The Great Temple to Jewish people. It is also a Holy Place where the presence of the Eternal God has never left. Many years before building the Temple, the place was known as Moriah Mount, place of the reminded Isaac’s Sacrifice stopped by the voice of The Heavenly Father. This is a special point to cry out in prayer and reflect upon obedience where the visitors are filled with many emotions and great spirituality.


A period that marked the History in many was World War II, especially for the Holocausts and Nazi Camps that took the lives of thousands of Jews for several years. The Holocaust Museum is a place that evidences the events that occurred during the Jewish persecution; With testimonies of survivors, letters and photos of those who lost their lives, and also videos of the time, the museum has physical evidence that will mark your life for the impressive stories of people who despite pain never stopped trusting in the Eternal God. Located in Jerusalem, it is undoubtedly a place that everyone should know.


Visiting Galilee Sea is one of the most beautiful trips you can make in Israel; riding a boat and being on the same sea where Peter walked on the water, where the Messiah spoke to the storm to calm it down and where the miraculous fishing occurred, is something inexplicable. It is undoubtedly a place where the stories that the gospels show come alive before your eyes.


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