Our Team

The Land Tours place at your disposal a proactive, diligent and energetic team. Throughout our history, we have determined to create a new trend in the way of tourism in Israel. We Feature for providing high quality services with a highly outstanding results.

We apply high quality standards to all the elements that make up the trip; demanding maximum efficiency from the staff that interacts with visitors to provide the best service and make this experience unforgettable. Our staff is trained with people originated from different nations, presenting to each client the comfort of being served in their native language.

We will undoubtedly be a family for you and you will feel the pleasure of enjoying a time that will be recorded in your memory as the best of your memories forever.

Eduardo Yosef


He is native from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked directly as a representative of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism for the Evangelical people and served as an interpreter in matters of the Ministry of Interior in Israel state. This trajectory gave him considerable experience and professionalism to start The Land Tours project in 2012.

Danielle Stav


She is responsible for coordinating the logistics of groups from various parts of the world that receives The Land Tours. She manages approximately 500 groups a year, and together with his team strives to give personalized attention. She works to the fullest to offer the best option in hotels, the best itinerary, and the best guide, so that our clients can live a unique and incomparable experience in Israel.

Stacy Alon

Manager Tour Operator

Originally from California, she arrives in the nation of Israel because of her great love for the Bible. She is a faithful member of The Land Tours team since its foundation and is currently in charge of the Incoming Tourism and customer service department for booking. She works diligently to help people who arrive at our agency. It stops at every detail of the tour to provide an unforgettable experience for travelers.

Ariela Levi

Account Department

Native to Israel, she is part of the team as an assistant in the account department for The Land Tours. Thanks to her skill Ariela speaks three languages, which gives our customers greater satisfaction. She works with fidelity and absolute dedication in every financial detail so that clients can feel the support and security in their investment made when visiting Israel.

About Us


It is the operator that has had the highest growth in Israel in recent years thanks to the satisfaction we provide to our customers. Currently, it has become in the operator of greater effectiveness and quality. Covering every detail in the field of the tourism market, our young trajectory is setting a trend in the way of doing tourism in Israel; providing high quality services with an extremely outstanding result without affecting the competitive price.

One of the main goals of this ministry is to teach each traveler about the wonders of the land of Israel, honoring the word of the Eternal God. Thus fulfilling the collaboration of helping each of our visitors to deepen their faith and travel the land of the Bible.

Our strongest purpose is to serve our customers in every detail. We offer a service that has the support and approval of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. With whom we work hand in hand to grant thousands of customers the wonderful experience of touring the Holy Land.

We want to approach you with the security of being able to provide the best service and the necessary support so that our customers would always be satisfied with our professional and personalized help at all times.

Israel is waiting for your visit as the Word refers in Isaiah,

“Yes, you will come out with joy, you will be guided forward in complete peace. As you come, the mountains and hills will rise to welcome you with joy. ”

Israel is the land of the past, present and future. The place where the Bible comes alive! Enjoy our guide in this beautiful experience.