In The Land Tours we believe that a satisfied customer is extremely important, for this reason, we think carefully to meet the needs of our tourists through services that will help them have an extraordinary stay. It is not necessary to worry because the services we offer are complete and of high quality, planned with precision, without missing any detail to satisfy the expectations of all our visitors.

We provide our services attending to every detail and need with the highest quality because we yearn to enjoy with our clients the best moments of their visit and have the honor of being their friends in the Holy Land. Contact us to enjoy this wonderful experience hand in hand with The Land Tours.

From the moment they arrive at the airport, our clients will feel a warm hug from us, since within our packages include transport services not only to cover each tourist route but also that at the airport they will receive you with a beautiful welcome to transfer you to the selected hotel.

A good travel experience is closely related to the perfect hotel. Understanding this, we strive to offer the best option in high quality hotels to ensure good service and personalized attention.

Israel is the Earth where the Bible comes alive, that is why every place to visit is very significant and of high spiritual value to increase the faith of visitors. Knowing the importance of each area, we organize tours adapted to the desire of each group or person so that any detail of this unique experience would not be missed. In our packages, we handle group tours that involve various places of interest, as well as daily tours adapted to your particular desires.

We offer to our tourists more than a tour guide, our friendship that will accompany throughout the entire trip. Within our service we care the small details so will keep a good communication, the tour guides are chosen according to the native language or language required by the group of visitors to make them feel at home.

One of our goals is that every believer in the Eternal God can know the Earth of the past, present and future, Israel. For this reason, we strive to ensure that everyone who wants to enter the Promised Land has the necessary permits and visa. We provide the required information, clarify the doubts that may arise and advise each of our clients from the beginning of the process until the approval of visas and permits to make this trip with us.

Through our online service you can contact us and we will gladly assist you to book the Tour of your choice, and we will be your guide in this wonderful experience of knowing the Holy Land.