We know that what is approaching for us is exciting. We want to give the best travel advices for all who expects a perfect and unique experience such as traveling to The Holy Land. What should be packed? What kind of clothes to wear? What should not be missing? Each detail is important to make a difference from other nations. The tips below are to guide and advise our clients from the pre-embarkation arrangements, what is necessary during the flight, to what is required for this beautiful place staying; making this trip a pleasant experience.


The official currency in Israel is the Shekel (ILS), also the dollar is accepted but occasionally, it may be more convenient to change your home currency to the local currency to obtain some goods at better prices. This exchange can be made at the airport or any local Exchange House. It is useful to know the Shekel denominations, which are: 1 Agora, 1/2 Agora, 1 Shekel, 2 shekels, 5 shekels, and 10 shekels; and the paper money, which are 20 ILS, 50 ILS, 100 ILS and the largest denomination is 200 ILS. Israel also has ATMS where you can get cash with your credit card.


Because of the diversity between coasts and deserts that this beautiful Earth has, it can present an arid climate in the interior and a Mediterranean climate in the coastal areas. Normally in summer the weather is warm and dry, while in winter it is cold and wet so the rains can surprise you on your trip. For this reason, the best time to visit the country is between April and October, and you can wear comfortable and cool clothes for the day but warm clothes for night outings. If you decide to travel between November and March you must be prepared for rainy and wet days, so it is advisable to bring an umbrella and warm clothes.


The passport is your legal identification in Israel. It is important that you always take it with you, especially when you are going to make visits in some places where you go through control areas to reach a tourist site because if you do not have identification you can miss some important visits on your trip. Remember to keep it safely, always load it near you preferably in a bag that you never leave somewhere, and also you can even keep a photo of your passport on your cell phone for some control points but always remember to keep it in physical just in case they ask for it.


Israel is a safe Nation with a strategic protection program for its cities. Despite this, we recommend our visitors to watch current news before traveling and get to know the present situation in which the country is. It is a highly safe country, and there is a low crime rate so you can make night outings safely, you will also notice that the merchandise is placed outside the premises by stores to attract customers. In addition, in case of missing an important object it is possible to get it back easily.


Israel is a country in which several religions converge. You can visit saint places of different religions, and even many sectors that have a totally different culture. It is important to know that not all are Jews but, there also are Muslim, evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox and other religions places for that reason you should take care of your words and clothing according to where you are. Similarly, when visiting sacred places you should be aware of your clothes if you are a woman you must wear a pashmina to cover your arms, and if you are a man you must wear long pants to avoid any inconvenience during your visit.


In Israel you can transport yourself in several ways; for instance, if you have an international license and want to rent a car it is important to know that there are rented cars which cannot pass some Control Points with ease, so if you rent one, you must be sure which areas are allowed to the rented car transit. For that reason we recommend using public transportation. It is really easy to use, and you could travel from one city to another as well. You will commonly see bus and train stops, to make use of them, it is just necessary to purchase a rechargeable card at the stations since public transport cannot be paid in cash.